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A tabletop is also a projection surface. There are five small wooden discs. Any disc may be on the tabletop at any time: alone, in a group or all together. When placed on the tabletop, a five-line poem will animate onto the projection surface, attached to a disc.

When two poems encounter each other, they will have a relationship. There are dynamics of attraction and dynamics of repulsion. There are intimacies and retreats. Any relationship will be the material for another poem; each poem transform after encountering another. As the discs are moved onto and off the surface, slid into and away from each other, poems happen and un-happen, are written and change.

The text for these poems was generated after and because of the early atomic theories of Epicurus and Democritus, and in great appreciation of Lucretius’ epic poem ‘On the Nature of the Universe’. Lucretius’ poetic dealt specifically with the push and pull of all things.