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Four audio channels broadcast a poem from four different FM transmitters hidden in the room. Each is transmitted on the same frequency. Any one can take a receiver, tuned into the frequency, and explore the radio signals in the space. As one moves through the room, fragments of the poems will emerge, bloom and fade; corrupting and obfuscating each other or producing the material for a disharmonic soundscape.

The four poems: ‘A Parasite’, ‘Lovetypes’, ‘Philadelphia’ and ‘A Bluecoat’, were composed from the collected archival of six months reading and writing. The language of Michel Serres, Gertrude Stein, Alfred North Whitehead, Erik Satie, John Cage, Jackson Mac Low, Kurt Schwitters, Lyn Hejinian and many others – including email correspondents – have been co-opted, interfered with, grafted and reterritorialised.